Where are we, how did we get here, and what should we do about it?

That’s what this book is about. It is a tale of innovation yielding unanticipated outcomes. It’s about the undeniable power and romance of storytelling and an examination of the forces shaping the digital world that consumes so much of our attention.

“A truly valuable discussion of the challenges and opportunities that media makers face in an ever-changing technology environment. Anyone working in today’s entertainment industry will find that Louis Hernandez’s book is a must-read.”

— Elizabeth Daly, dean of the USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA)

“Louis Hernandez, Jr., gives an excellent explanation of the current state of the media industry. New technology and rapidly changing business models are creating unique challenges, and The Storyteller’s Dilemma not only details these challenges, but discusses how to overcome them.”

— Del Parks, SVP and CTO, Sinclair Broadcast Media

“Avid has once again developed groundbreaking tools to create workflows that are both user-friendly and streamlined. The Storyteller’s Dilemma addresses the ever-changing landscape and challenges of music creation and collaboration. With Louis Hernandez leading this movement, the future has never looked more exciting or bright.”

— Paul Sidoti, lead guitarist, Taylor Swift

“A refreshing read that repeatedly homes in on the crux of the issue—from why the industry is broken to a timely call to action and a case for a common platform. In the end, Hernandez’s book cuts through the fog of technology and focuses on the essence of entertainment: storytelling—ours to protect as the ‘social fabric of our culture and future.’”

— Sean Cooney, head of post production, Netflix

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