Entrepreneur. Investor. Philanthropist. Speaker.

Louis Despacito

Inspiring the World Through Creative Content

Content creation and distribution

Louis has a small team of creative professionals and partners who create films, scripted series, reality and music. From conception, to script writing, production, and distribution, the team has numerous awards in all genres and popular shows that have inspired audiences around the world.

Bad Angel Photography Studios

Louis discovered he has a knack for photography during business trips around the world. Overcome by the how people appeared to make the best out of everyday situations unheard of by the average American, he began to capture their sense of hope through the eye of a camera lens.

He established Bad Angel Photography Studios to assist nonprofit organizations, including A Little Hope Foundation, to raise funds through photo exhibits and fundraising events he organizes throughout the United States.

Bad Angel’s recent exhibit “Hope, Courage, Triumph: Stories of Everyday Heroes Among Us,” depicts faces of the young and old from across five countries in 16 immersive stories created to bring awareness to both global and local issues.