Entrepreneur. Investor. Philanthropist. Speaker.


Louis is a published author of books, articles, and white papers on the topics he is most passionate about.  His writing extends to creative content, which is managed by a separate company with a team of professionals and partners.

Louis is an award-winning executive and recognized speaker, author and advisor on a variety of topics surrounding financial services, media, retail commerce, economics and banking.

The Storyteller’s Dilemma is a tale of innovation yielding unanticipated outcomes. It’s about the undeniable power and romance of storytelling and an examination of the forces shaping the digital world that consumes so much of our attention.

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Sean Cooney, head of worldwide post-production of Netflix, describes “The Storyteller’s Dilemma” as “a refreshing read that repeatedly homes in on the crux of the issue – from why the industry is broken to a timely call to action and a case for a common platform. In the end, Hernandez’ book cuts through the fog of technology and focuses on the essence of entertainment: storytelling – ours to protect as the ‘social fabric of our culture and future.’”

Saving the American Dream is a provocative and thoughtful account of how our nation’s ideals of equality and the pursuit of happiness emerged as an inspiration and a beacon of hope for the entire world.

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“With the passion of someone deeply concerned about local financial institutions and our country, Louis Hernandez Jr. offers a compelling path toward restoring the economic health and future of our nation.”

— Youngme Moon, the Donald K. David Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and senior associate dean for the MBA Program

In Too Small to Fail Louis issues the challenge: “Do you have the extraordinary drive it will take to inspire the industry and bring financial institutions back to their place as trusted intermediaries?”

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“I found ‘Too Small to Fail’ a truly compelling call to action. It was well grounded historically and boldly realistic about the challenges of the present condition of the financial industry from a global perspective. ‘Too Small to Fail’ should be required reading for all who wish to govern or guide the industry in these tumultuous times.”

— Juli Anne Callis, former president and CEO of the National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union